A Flock Of Seagulls

In 2018, the original A Flock Of Seagulls reformed for the first time since 1984 to rework their hits with The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for the album Ascension. A year later, the quartet are back… and they’re still fiddling with the classics.

Inflight’s premise is intriguing: remake their songs in the style of 1980s 12″ extended versions. Sure enough, Modern Love Is Automatic and the instrumental DNA benefit from being able to stretch out and everything sounds very much of the period.

But that’s twice now the band have remained in the comfort zone. Mike Score is a prolific songwriter – so let’s hear how the band would sound on new songs. Frankly, Wishing, I Ran and Transfer Affection were good enough already. There’s enough of a groove to their playing to confirm their old cohesiveness can be regained. It’s time to let A Flock Of Seagulls take flight again. Inflight is released to coincide with a new tour – but that’s from Mike Score’s regular live line-up, rather than the original gang assembled here. The tensions surrounding getting their four combustible personalities together in the studio or on the road are understandably fraught. But it could work, so, please, either take the plunge or stop teasing us.


John Earls



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