Fifty years ago Todd Rundgren produced Sparks’ debut album, Halfnelson, and now the singer and band are reuniting for the song Your Fandango, the third single from Rundgren’s forthcoming Space Force LP, which also features collaborations with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and hip-hop artist Narcy.

“It’s been a truly heartwarming experience to once again be working with Todd, our first-ever producer, after a brief 50-year hiatus,” the brothers Mael said. 

“It’s been a long way since Simple Ballet,” added Rundgren, “but we finally got the old dance troupe back together!”

You can listen to the single here, while the video will premiere on Sparks’ YT channel today at 6pm (UK time).

Space Force will be the 72-year-old’s first album since 2017’s White Knight, while Edgar Wright’s new Sparks documentary, The Sparks Brothers, opens in the US in June.