Should current events be causing too much turmoil in your life then we recommend Reflections by Brian Eno, which has been relaxing us all year long. Wyndham Wallace reviews.


Thank goodness for Brian Eno, who ensures 2017 at least begins peacefully with his latest ambient release. Reflection follows swiftly in the wake of last year’s The Ship, which culminated in an unforgettable cover of The Velvet Underground’s I’m Set Free, but it has more in common with his Discreet Music and Neroli albums, instead designed to liberate the senses.

Consisting of little more than eerie chimes and instrumental phrases, usually centred around heavily sustained synth chords, which interweave according to a series of imposed rules, it does nothing Eno’s not done before, but its 54 minutes are so placid that, according to one’s mood, they can prove utterly spellbinding or pass by unnoticed.

Space is a place no one creates as well as Eno, and let’s face it: we’ve currently got plenty to reflect upon.

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