The legendary Bucks Fizz, now known as The Fizz have announced their first new studio album in 30 years. Listen to new single ‘Dancing In The Rain’ now…


The unmistakable sound of Bucks Fizz – now known as The Fizz – is not only back, but in the zeitgeist. With their first new album in over three decades, 2017 brings back their signature sound updated, with a cannon of radio friendly hits written and produced by legendary maestro Mike Stock.

A history of pop music would be incomplete without The Fizz. The band were formed in the early 1980s and went on to represent the United Kingdom at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Ireland. It is part of pop music folklore that they won it in spectacular fashion. Bucks Fizz were launched to become a global phenomenon.

Mike Nolan, Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Bobby G were household names thanks to their iconic skirt ripping routine, and the song “Making Your Mind Up” was an instant hit giving the group their first No. 1.

Bucks Fizz were far ahead of their time. A successful manufactured group in the 1980’s when the music scene was evolving from Punk to New Romantics.

They secured their niche, re-styling and proving their versatility as performers with each album and single released, earning them sales of more than 50 million records worldwide. They collected countless music industry awards including, in 1982, Best Group at BPI Rock & Pop Awards (now known as the Brits), and an Ivor Novello Award, cementing their place in 80’s music history and a highly successful recording career.

Thirty-five years later, Cheryl, Mike and Jay, original Bucks Fizz members, joined by Bobby McVay are still touring and showing that The Fizz and their songs are as popular as ever. Audiences old and new love “Making Your Mind Up” and “The Land Of Make Believe”. In a world where the charts are dominated by newly manufactured bands, you can’t beat the originals.

Bringing together The Fizz and Mike Stock, many would say, should have happened 35 years ago. But now, a hallmark band from the decade and one of the period’s most defining writers and producers have finally collaborated.

Mike Stock (who came to prominence as part of Stock, Aitken and Waterman) is now acknowledged as one of the most successful producer-songwriters in pop music history. “The Fizz” have re-recorded three classic “Bucks Fizz” tracks and a whole host of new songs, including some penned by the band themselves.

Now is a great time for The Fizz to be back with their brand of new uplifting music. With the current success of their 80’s chart contemporaries including Rick Astley, the rebirth of Bananarama, as well as artists vested in The Fizz’s legacy such as Steps, the Mike Stock / The Fizz sound is as fresh and popular as ever.

Mike Stock says about working with the band: “The Fizz are part of British pop heritage. They are extraordinary artistes. Still holding the crowd and wowing them! This kind of uplifting entertainment never ages. It was so much fun working with them because they are great performers and we all had a great time making the album. Which is why I’m already planning the next.”

On recording this new album, Cheryl Baker says: “I cannot tell you how happy I am to have been back in the studio, my favourite place and with the genius that is Mike Stock. I am so proud of this new album and I know Fizz fans will love it too!”

Mike Nolan adds: “It’s a long time since we’ve been in the studio and this, to me, is the best thing we’ve done. I think everyone sounds great, especially me! Haha!”

Speaking of the recording process, Jay Aston comments: “Enjoying every moment of the thing we love to do the most. Working with a real pro has been a delight. Despite the challenges over the years, we are more united than ever. The fans have been with us all the way. Really looking forward to performing these new songs and hope you enjoy the new album.”

New member Bobby McVay says of joining the band for the album: “Totally under pressure working with the leg-ends that are Cheryl, Mike and Jay and some little bloke called Mike Stock. (He’ll kill me for that!) Recording the new Fizz sound, which sounds absolutely amazing (especially Mike Nolan, of course!), I can’t believe my wish has come true. Living the dream!”

Track Listing

Up For The Fight
Break The Ice
Where I’m Gonna Be
Home For My Heart
Dancing In The Rain
Control Freak
There’s No Turning Back
My Camera Never Lies 2017
Piece Of Action 2017
The Land Of Make Believe 2017
Up For The Fight (Extended Version)
Break The Ice (Extended Version)
Piece Of The Action (Extended Version)
My Camera Never Lies 2017 (Karaoke Version)