Fuzzbox, or We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It!!, were for everyone in 1989. Girls loved their swaggering brand of colourful feminism, boys just thought they looked fantastic. 

After not displaying a jot of seriousness on their 1986 debut Bostin’ Steve Austin (befitting three of the quartet’s adolescence) they returned with one of the slickest, most radiant dance pop albums you’ll ever hear.

The three hit singles were summertime roadshow staples, especially second smash Pink Sunshine, irresistible and with an element of lyrical maturity, but singer Vickie Perks showed there was more to her than unusual microphone usage, with semi-operatic showstopper Irish Bride.

For the most part, though, the album just rejoiced in a relentless, vivacious pop motif, with killer hooks and harmonies on Do You Know? and Fast Forward Futurama. Jamaican Sunrise gave them an opportunity to slow things down while a cover of Walking On Thin Ice works for sheer nerve alone. They even sample Slave To The Rhythm on Versatile For Discos And Parties.

With a recent reunion, the years have been kind to Fuzzbox’s reputation and Big Bang! forms the basis of that. It’s simply one of the best pop albums of the 80s.

Matthew Rudd