Pop quiz

Okay, it’s time for you to test your classic pop knowledge with our fiendish pop quiz. Answers are at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

1. Who replaced Holly Johnson as singer in Frankie Goes To Hollywood when they reformed briefly in 2004?

2. Whose neck is this?

3. Which famed Hollywood director helmed this Madonna video?

4. Which of these tracks isn’t a Stone Roses song:

a. Made Of Stone
b. Elephant Stone
c. Sticks & Stones

5. What TV pop show from the 80s is this still from?

6. Name the first track off The Human League’s Dare album.

7. Heaven 17 (pictured below) took their name from which cult novel?

8. What band was Warren Cuccurullo a founding member of before joining Duran Duran?

9. Whose hair is this?

10. What was Pet Shop Boyssecond UK No.1?

11. Who had a 2005 UK hit with a cover of this Hall & Oates classic?

12. Complete the title of this 1988 Thomas Dolby album, Aliens Ate My ______

13. What was the biggest selling single of 1982 in the UK?

a. Come On Eileen
b. Eye Of The Tiger
c. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

14. Name these two gentlemen.

15. What is Kim Wilde’s birth name?

16. Who starred as Joy Division’s Ian Curtis in the 2007 biopic Control?

17. What was Gary Numan’s 1988 album Metal Rhythm titled in the US?

18. George Michael scored how many No.1s as a solo artist?

19. What record company did the Sex Pistols write a scathing song about?

20. Name the character David Bowie played in the 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth.


1. Ryan Molloy 2. Chesney Hawkes 3. David Fincher 4. Sticks & Stones 5. Razzmatazz 6. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of 7. A Clockwork Orange 8. Missing Persons 9. Johnny Marr 10. It’s A Sin 11. United Nations 12. Buick 13. Come On Eileen 14. Pat & Greg Kane (Hue And Cry) 15. Kim Smith 16. Sam Riley 17. New Anger 18. Seven 19. EMI 20. Jareth, the Goblin King

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